Phoenix Tree Trimming

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Phoenix Tree Trimming

Phoenix Tree Trimming have been servicing Arizona tree’s since 2000. We offer: Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Cactus Removal, Stump Grinding and Firewood at a discounted price. 

Phoenix Tree Trimming is a safe, professional tree trimming company providing full service tree care for over 12 years for residential and commercial clients in and around areas in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our mission is to provide high-quality tree trimming services that our clients can trust. We take pride in improving the safety, esthetics and health of your trees so they may provide you with years of enjoyment. We maintain a fleet of specialized trucks and equipment to handle any of your tree needs.

Family Owned!! Will give your tree the best care.

Tree Trimming Cost.

  1. To have a professional tree care company in Phoenix come out and assess, trim a medium size tree. The Price range is usually from $250 to $500
  2. What kind of water schedule is the tree on.
  3. How offen are you fertilizing the tree.
  4. Using our bucket truck to come out and trim trees usually starts at $150 for a minimum service charge $150
  5. How much time will the tree take to prune.
  6. Location of the tree. Is it in the back yard or front.
  7. Leave it on the curb for city to pick it up sometimes save money
  8. Speices of tree that is being trimmed.
  9. Palm tree trimming starts at $50 for a mexican fan palm with 1 year of growth.

Phoenix Tree Trimming Equipment.

  1. Bucket Truck,
  2. Chain Saws, Trimmers, Pruners,
  3. Wood Chippers
  4. Dump Trucks
  5. Fertilization Feeding Unit

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